Escape game Without a Trace

Company: Escape Room Helsinki


Fabianinkatu 23 00130 Helsinki ()

010-323 57 32

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Without a Trace takes you on an adventure through layers of time. In the year 2040, you are inspecting a flat in Helsinki, from which many previous occupants have strangely disappeared. Who has lived there and where have they gone? Looking for their traces, you step into danger yourselves. You have only 45 minutes to complete the mission, before the room turns into - something else. This is no horror game, although exciting and full of surprises. The game is built using cutting-edge escape room technology that draws you right into the swirl of events. The game is suitable also for families with young players from 11 years up and the level of difficulty is medium. The game was inspired by three wallpaper designs, created by Finnish designers. The wallpapers are part of K-Rauta's 2020 collection.

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